Saturn handy angebote s9 mit Vertrag

Natürlich können Sie es auch in der Saturn-Filiale in Ihrer Nähe abholen. Checken Sie einfach online, ob das Gerät dort für Sie auf Lager ist. EE currently offers 30GB SIM-only contracts, but they`ll cost you £25 a month – or £600 over two years. It`s all thanks to, an online UK retailer that has a reputation for offering tempting deals on smartphones. Ingolstadt, 26.02.2018: Unveiled only yesterday at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Samsung’s new flagship smartphones, can already be pre-ordered at MediaMarkt. Anyone opting for one of these models by 7 March 2018 will be able to get their hands on it before everyone else up to seven days before the official sales launch on 16 March. What’s more, as well as being available to buy at MediaMarkt’s webshop and bricks-and-mortar stores, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ can also be leased for six months from MediaMarkt’s online shop. The monthly rent for three of these months is just €1 and €74.90 (Galaxy S9) or €84.90 (Galaxy S9+) for the other three months. Wo gibt es das Samsung Galaxy S9 und das Schwestermodell Galaxy S9+ aktuell am günstigen und lohnt sich der Kauf der Samsung-Smartphones noch? Wir zeigen euch nachfolgend die besten Angebote und helfen euch bei der Kaufentscheidung. The total cost of the contract is £792, which is only marginally higher than the cost of the handset outright.

„Telefonieren war gestern! Heute sind nicht mehr herkömmliche Handys, sondern hoch leistungsfähige Smartphones unsere ständigen Begleiter. Mit den praktischen Minicomputern kann man telefonieren, im Internet surfen, Musik hören und Fotos machen. Darüber hinaus gibt es eine Vielzahl von Apps für alle möglichen Zwecke: Von der Onlinezeitung über Online-Shops bis hin zu Spielen und lustigen Gadgets bieten sie Nützliches und Unterhaltsames für den Alltag.“ We`ve got an EE deal that might be one of the best-value mobile phone offers we`ve ever seen So you`re technically only paying £8 a month extra for the phone, which is a real steal. Since January 2017, MediaMarkt’s online customers have been able to lease the latest electronic devices instead of buying them. And in five stores in the Berlin region, last autumn MediaMarkt began trialling the rental of selected electronic products ranging from tablets, smartphones, action cams and Wi-Fi speakers to gaming consoles, VR headsets and domestic appliances. Customers benefit from the flexibility and transparency of this service with fair terms, a minimum contract of just one month, and a subsequent purchase option applying to all lease items. Liebäugelt ihr mit dem besser ausgestatteten Galaxy S9 Plus? Dann solltet ihr einen Blick auf dieses ngebot werfen. Der bietet das Smartphone für 589 Euro an, andere Händler verlangen für das Samsung-Handy noch knapp 15 Euro mehr. Importantly, it will only cost you £662 over the contract`s 24-month run – far cheaper than buying the phone on its own. It`s possible to get the 2018 iPhone rival on contract for less than you`d pay for the phone outright – which is seriously impressive.

After the minimum lease period, the smartphone can either be returned or the contract renewed. This special leasing offer is available exclusively online and at five MediaMarkt stores in the Berlin region (Berlin-Mitte, Biesdorf, Neukölln and Spandau as well as Potsdam), where the leasing of tech products is currently being trialled. For more information about this special offer, go to It`s regarded as one of this year`s best smartphones, and is a very strong alternative to Apple`s popular iPhone.