Biblical Advice On Prenuptial Agreements

The Bible commands husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the Church. But just because this letter explicitly speaks of husbands does not mean that wives are off the hook. May the spouses love each other unconditionally and without complacentness and be ready to surrender for each other, as well as their worldly possessions, as Christ did for the Church. A conjugal agreement indicates a conditional and selfish love that is not like Christ. This section contains only general information and is not intended to replace the specific legal advice of your own lawyer. In some situations, such as Naomi`s in Ruth`s book, women have been for themselves to defend themselves or to hope for the generosity of distant relatives. But something else comes out at the beginning of this story. Naomi asks Ruth to join her family. Ruth refuses because she came to love God and Naomi, but what we don`t see in the story is the depth of the choice she made. In most marriage contracts, there was a wedding price or dowry that was put on the girl when a man had to ask for his hand. This happened especially to protect her daughter and take care of her if the marriage were to end without heirs.

Ruth`s family had probably asked for the same payment even before the marriage to Naomi`s son was considered. Basically, Ruth turned her back not only to her old religion and her family, but also to the chance of financial stability, if she stayed with Naomi, who may have meant scrap metal. I have never been asked this question, so forgive me if my thoughts seem a little disorganized. Since the Bible says nothing specifically about marital agreements, what I am saying is only my opinion, and I hope that you will consider it as such and seek advice from others. The best decision is to oppose such an agreement, but often external pressure can strongly influence the decision. Make sure that prayer is always at the forefront when it comes to asking how God always knows better than anyone what is best for our weddings. Unlike today`s agreements and contracts, the price of marriage was not intended to protect property or other financial assets, but was merely a means of caring for a woman who might never remarry.