College Roommate Agreement Questions

They learned sharing from kindergarten – but there will still be people who are not very well when they go to university. In some dormitories, especially for newcomers, you may not have so much to look after them; You could do one thing “This is my side, it`s your side” in your dorm and do nothing more. Then you can have a mini fridge or a common microwave, or maybe you`re cool with sharing your clothes and want Roomie to know. Or maybe you don`t really agree with someone who touches on your business; It doesn`t matter, but you want to get these things in the open ASAP. College apartment offices tend to cover them quite well, as dorms often require security as you put guests inside and out. But it`s always worth talking about, especially if you and your roommate have a very different view of what it means to have human beings. It`s the university. You and/or your roommate might very well meet someone — and you want to spend time alone with them or with them. What is it like to have time alone in the room? How much is there? How much notice do you need to inform a roommate? Are there times when this is not normal (like the final week)? How are you going to let yourself know when you`re not coming here? And in the larger dorms, where, let`s say you have your own bathroom, there is the issue of common spaces, who wants to watch TV, though, who takes all the shelves in the fridge, who hogging the sink in the morning, etc.

Some of these things you won`t discover until you`re well into the semester and everyone has nailed their own routine, but it`s always a good idea to have early conversations to kill potential problems in the bud. You don`t want to bottle your frustration all semester and explode when your roommate will use your shampoo next time without asking. The College Roommate Agreement for Dorms is a friendship agreement that is more likely to include among people who are on the ground in terms of study periods, quiet periods and other arrangements. Use the questionnaire for all roommates to complete themselves. Then the roommates get together and try to accommodate each other`s schedules and preferences. If you and your roommate can`t quite know where to start or how you can agree on many of these things, you`re not afraid to talk to your PR or someone else to make sure things are clear from the start. Roommate relationships can be one of the strengths of the university, so it`s a great way to solve problems in the future. Borrowing or taking something from your roommate is almost inevitable during the year.