Iridium Scrap Recycling Technology in Precious Metals Trading: Key Steps and Processes in Refining and Purification

Iridium is a metallic element, with the symbol Ir, named after the Latin word for “rainbow.” The concentration of iridium in the Earth’s crust is one in ten million, often dispersed among various ores in alluvial and placer deposits alongside other platinum-group elements. After a brief introduction to iridium, let’s delve into the topic of iridium.

Platinum group metal
Iridium scrap comes in many forms; it could be powder, solid, or liquid. Regardless of its form, we can opt for the chemical dissolution method, using mixed acids to separate iridium from other substances.

After dissolution, we need to recover iridium from the solution. This step is known as chemical precipitation, where specific chemicals are added to the solution, causing iridium to precipitate in solid form and thus separate from the solution. The precipitated iridium is then further dried and purified to obtain pure iridium.

This concludes our discussion on iridium scrap recycling in the context of precious metals trading. We hope this sharing has given you a deeper understanding of iridium scrap recycling.