Gold Mining Shares Are a Dream Come True!

Have you ever read a book or seen a movie about the great gold rush of the nineteenth century? Fortunes were there for the making, and gold for the taking, in those heady days of discovery. Some of the oldest money in America was made in the gold-laden hills of the West in those days.

It’s a little known fact but gold mining shares were available if you were in the right bar or church at the right time in those days. The lucky individuals who said yes to the offer of gold mining shares and their descendants own entire islands in the Caribbean and fly between them on their private 747s! You can look this up!

Would you like that to be you? The Great Western Mining Corporation can make it happen. The company had discovered large bands of mineable gold under the Nevada terrain. In 2020 and 2021 Great Western carried out extensive surveys with man-portable magnetometers, and you would be simply amazed at what those surveys discovered.

Great Western has identified no less than 51 heaps of gold t Mineral Jackpot and extensive gold tailing’s heaps at an abandoned OMCO Mine (Olympic Gold), while other possible spoil heap locations are under review, including in the Huntoon Valley.

Why are these literal mountains of gold just waiting to be scooped up?

That’s because the technology of the time was simply not able to bring those deposits of gold to the surface to turn into riches. Burt today’s tech can easily bring it to the surface. The Great Western Mining Corporation has actually sent advanced drone “miners” into the hidden nooks and crevices that simply were inaccessible and undiscovered until now.

In December 2020 Great Western successfully created literal bars of gold and silver which established the reality of the imminent recovery of precious metals from multiple spoil heaps at Mineral Jackpot.

If you invest now, then the hands holding some of those precious cars may be your very own!