The Truth About Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards are employed in less than 20% of restaurants in overall nation. The other 80% are needlessly losing some increasingly simple and efficient ways to increase the important thing.

What’s today’s special?

Over 50 % of restaurant customers look for menu boards specifically to uncover what’s on special. But incredibly, up to 50 % the time ab muscles information the eager customers were hoping to find, literally using their money in their hands, was nowhere located! For the 80%, it is easy to see why. Imagine how difficult it might be to change static chalkboard signage anytime you change your personal. For people who own digital display systems, what’s with your display could be changed with the touch of the mouse button, while using changes automatically reflected within your POS system, too.

This disadvantage is very crushing if the major target individuals are younger. The Millennials, probably the most important demographic for QSR establishments, are less from their ways about everything, like the food how they eat. They are in search of new food experiences plus your meal specials are prime candidates. Why can you want to miss this opportunity?

One picture will be worth 1000 words:

QSR people are in a hurry. They won’t go on a time to read lengthy explanations. That’s why pictures are crucial, especially when you’re promoting a different menu item. A tantalizing vision of the latest promotional special, to all its mouthwatering glory in living color, could have your customers reaching for their wallets far faster than any verbal description. While posting great pictures is really as easy as a number of taps with a keyboard for operators boasting digital display systems, it’s going to present the rest of a challenge for anyone still saddled with chalkboard or painted signage.

Greater control with digital signage:

For franchises and other types of multi-site operators, what customers see on menu boards could be centrally controlled. A new limited time offer and new pricing may be made to seem at all your locations, whether or not are on lack of of town, or on sleep issues of the continent. And, for anyone who is spending millions on advertising extraordinary new blockbuster offer online and on TV, you desire to make sure that what your hungry, eager customers see with your menu signs was in sync together with the expectations that you just spent a great deal time, effort and cash in creating.