Brand Guidelines

I have always looked at brands for an extension of Humans; much like us, brands possess a life journey too. Every day a different brand comes into the world and like a whole new-born child, it too is included with certain attributes and characteristics, which only become obvious and understandable once we come in contact with it all the time.

Children in many cases are given ‘guidelines- do’s and don’ts to manage everyday life. Similarly, brands too take some rules that will assist it produce a distinguished image of itself on the market. These rules are set up by carefully examining its market, competition and also the purpose of its existence.

Later, any time a child starts about to school, he develops his personal list of ‘do’s and don’ts as well as a way of life that’s customised to his desires and dreams. A brand, too, builds its dos and don’ts which clearly state the way will look, behave and speak. Just such as simple things which guide us in everyday life everyday from the basis of our existence to make things extremely organized and straightforward, brand guidelines, in a really efficient and systematic way lay focus on how the manufacturer will unleash its content in to the world. This provides a great framework to use as a kick off point for any branding work.

Just such as traffic signals, guidelines bring feeling of direction. Creativity within limits can often be difficult, but while doing so, it offers a superior the necessary direction. When you have an excessive amount of to explore, it might get intimidating and paralysing. And in the final, you could possibly just be exploring various routes with no knowledge of where exactly to look. When a thoughtful guide is done, it provides clear understanding towards the branding team on how to travel about things rather than beating about the bush.

Life with virtually no rules is unimaginable. In fact, without rules it could be chaotic. Then, how could a brand live its life with virtually no regulations and guidelines? It’s these tips that set the emblem apart from others; they provide hidden direction to attain its goal. Brand guidelines provide the brand feeling of coherence. This is vital the way it ensures that there exists symmetry and consistency in the manufacturer voice that echoes together with the audience. This will thereafter create brand awareness and build trust.