Kaufvertrag Nichtigkeit

Lease Purchasing is among the most profitable and practical approaches to be in real-estate. You don’t need a bank or perhaps an extensive personal line of credit to get started. There is an deficiency of Tenant & Toilet problems (if setup correctly)! It’s creative as well as fun! Lease Purchasing may also be a nightmare if you don’t have the foresight to get well designed, strategically written contracts.

Recently I was asked with a reader of my Lease Purchase Times © newsletter where he may find good generic Lease Purchase contracts. To me that’s like asking a neurological surgeon if he’ll recommend a diy brain surgery kit and combination salad maker!

I advised people that there are generic contracts from the 3 major sources. One such source can be your local real-estate agent or office. They contain the multi-purpose fill the many blank type forms. The question remains, however, is it any good and even WORTH THE PAPER THEY ARE WRITTEN ON?

My handy Law Dictionary defines Generic as follows: Something not specific you aren’t referring to a selected thing. Generic contracts are simply that generic. They are beautifully made with the one size fits all concept. In reality, it isn’t designed to protect you or your desire for the particular Lease Purchase transaction in which you are currently involved. I have collected a great number of so called generic Lease Purchase contracts for many years; Not only have I received contracts from Realtors and stationary stores; others originated the get rich quick, while vacationing in bed for hours on end, books and seminars. They all have something in common. They are garbage! They are poorly written and don’t have the necessary clarity and/or specific verbiage inorder with the contract to get enforceable. I have designed and utilize 8 specific contracts for my Lease Purchase deals. Which one I use is dependent upon the hat I am currently wearing at that time. Am I the Landlord/Seller, the Tenant/Buyer or even the Assignor/Assignee? Will I be Subletting, Assigning, Sandwiching, Pure Optioning or merely quick flipping, bird dogging, networking or consulting?

TIP: I always have a couple copies of my Lease Purchase Contracts during my cars trunk right beside my earthquake/Wildfire emergency kit* compartment. An investor is usually prepared particularly if you live in Southern California!