Festive Ads

Come festivals and celebrations marketers hijack print, television and digital media effortlessly that they have got. Be it major Indian festivals including, diwali, holi or celebration of special days viz, Independence day, women’s day, children’s day etc, every brand wishes to do ‘something more important’ in promoting themselves.


From colourful ‘holi’ ads, ‘bright and dhamakedaar’ diwali emailers, ‘proud’ Independence Day & Republic Day ads or ‘joy-filled’ Christmas ads; newspapers and emails are filled up with such ‘done-to-death’ marketing material. Instead of doing something more important, the majority of them end up being a part of the clutter.

This ad by Toyoto goes over all what I am seeking to point out here…

You could believe that print medium has its own restrictions thus the lack of creativity, then again here are few types of brands that reached it right and ways in which!


I guess a lot of the brands have problems with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) thus they wish to be everywhere… whether 0na Independence day ad is pertinent or irrelevant, does not matter…

Just link the text ‘relevant’ towards the occasion towards the brand and that you are sorted, possibly even you thought…

Not all force-fit ads can be harmful though. Thanks on the social media along with the viral videos, many brands make use of the ’emotional’ tool to have a thumbs-up.

Rajnigandha Pearls played it rather well which consists of teacher’s day campaign #teachernebolatha. The brand’s product and also the occasion don’t have anything to do with the other person. It’s just the stories weaved in carefully with emotions that grabs the eyeballs. But then again, this story has been told with every other brand in picture or without any brand name and it would still work just like fine.

Follow the herd:

You know it, when one brand announces a ‘Big’ Sale the rest follow the foot-steps that has a ‘Great’ sale. When a particular brand proposes ‘noise-less’ or green Diwali, the other brands don the ‘save the environment’ cape likewise; whether believe in it’s a different question. For all you know those are the ones smoking cigarettes the sky on Diwali with those spectacular fireworks.

When people do not stick to the herd and placed their own stand, they truly stand-out. Take for example these brands that rather than ‘save water ‘proposal, this brand figured out ‘eve teasing’ that is certainly so prevalent during Holi.

On any day not simply the mail, even so the text box and WhatsApp are additionally spammed with plenty marketing messages wishing me Happy diwali, eid, teacher’s day, a birthday, father’s day, chocolate day, rose day and several days I didn’t know existed. It seems manufactured isn’t far when everyday will be a celebration, literally. Till then, Happy Blog Day. Look, I just invented one!