Problems In Designing Brochures Printing Them And Mailing To Clients


Direct mailing brochures prove to be effective in terms of positive marketing results. However, these results do not come in a snap. Creating and distributing brochures may also prove to be tedious if you do not know how to stop problems concerning design brochures, printing them and mailing to target consumers, or address these problems if ever they arise.

There is actually a long list of problems that may turn up during your designing, printing and direct mailing ventures. But of course, with every problem comes a solution. Below are just some of the examples that you may encounter in the future.
Busy, busy, busy

You would probably go for brochures instead of postcards because of the space that is available in the former, and not found in the latter. You probably have a few pictures that you would like to add plus your copy and the captions of each image. Although comprehensive information is important, especially if you are trying to reach a client who is not easily accessible from where you are, attempting to put everything in is sometimes practiced, deliberately or unintentionally.

The thing with brochures overflowing with words and images is that they end up looking very busy — several different elements that do not blend in so well so the contents become overwhelming for the eyes and the brain.

One of the unique features of brochures is the flexibility it offers in terms of layouting. Since brochures can be folded into several sections, like an 8-fold brochure would result to 16 panels with 8 on each side, you can easily compartmentalize information that go together and allot another panel for others. It is like having several pages within a sheet of paper.

But do not flood each panel with information, too. Keep the most crucial details only to give room for an image or two, as well as space. Yes, leave some space for space. This would make your brochures seem not tedious to read.

Missing images and fonts

There are occasions wherein the images and texts that you send to your printer do not appear when they view it from their computer. If this happens, you may have forgotten to link or embed them. Whenever you send a file for printing, and this includes images and uncommon texts, it is very important that you send them with your file as well.

In the case of texts, the one you have may not be in your printer?s font collection. Hence it may be replaced by a different font or not appear.

If you are worried about slow file transfer due to the files, it is recommended that you save your brochure design file in PDF format, which keeps all the contents as is. This way, the image and typeface you used are placed exactly where you positioned them. In short, you get an accurate hard copy of your file without needing to send your font and picture files.

Short mailing list

Are your addresses not enough to match the quantity of brochures you ordered, or the number of target clients you had in mind? If you were not able to gather enough addresses, you can contact a mailing list broker who can help you rent a mailing list, or you can also purchase one from a data provider. You do not have to worry about the demographics since you can select your mailing list or additional addresses based on your desired population characteristics.

Whenever you are faced with problems on designing brochures printing and direct mail marketing, you can consult local or online commercial printers for assistance.