Emory Early Decision Agreement

Another advantage is that during the ED evaluation process, admissions staff are not yet under pressure to read hundreds and hundreds of applications. If the licensing committee evaluates applications at the beginning of the process, they overall have fewer applications to review. Commitment means that you enter into a contractual agreement, Emory University is your first school of choice and you register here and withdraw all other university applications if you are admitted with appropriate financial support. You should also read the regular decision plan and the Questbridge and Emory Scholars programs as you decide on your application planning. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as you need to make the best decision for yourself. Start with our “Early Decision” website to familiarize yourself with how the ED agreement works, read our two ED plans (EDI and EDII) and decide whether you would like to apply to ED at Emory College, Oxford College or both locations. The application timeframe for each plan could help determine your choice: all letters of recommendation that could not be submitted online must be submitted by the recommendation provider in PDF format attached to admission@emory.edu. Make sure the email contains the candidate`s full name, date of birth and app ID. Applicants can receive an email invitation from an Emory emolum at any time between mid-October and early February. Because applications are subject to multiple audits, it is impossible to predict when or if a candidate will be invited to an interview with alumni. In the meantime, application files are verified for all decision plans, including Scholars, without interim annual reports or transcripts. Emory University does not require standardized tests in 2020-2021 (first-year students who plan to enroll in the fall of 2021).

This directive applies to the two starting points of Emory University, Emory College of Arts and Sciences and Oxford College, all decision-making plans (both early Decision Rounds and Regular Decision) and all merit consideration of scholarships (including membership in one of Emory`s Scholar programs). This may be obvious, but students who do not have a clear first school of choice and who want to balance their options should not apply an early decision to a school. Not everyone knows exactly what they want in their senior year, and it`s 100%. Never feel compelled to apply at an early stage, especially if you are someone who likes to take the time to make a decision. As a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, many higher education institutions have suspended or relaxed some student requirements and extended enrolment times.