Foster Agreement For Dogs

23. I understand that I am contacted if the Foster Care coordinator receives a request regarding the dogs in my care and that I should contact the potential user immediately, even if it can only be by SMS, if I am at work. If I am unable to make an appointment immediately, I will endeavour to reconnect the same day to make an appointment with the potential adoptive father in order to meet with my adoptive dog as soon as possible at a time favourable to both parties. 13. I agree not to feed my adoptive dog or my other people than what is provided to me. I understand that this can cause illness for my adoptive dog and I will always speak to Foster Care 22. I agree that in the unlikely event that my adoptive dog/adopted dogs escape and miss, my responsibility is to do everything in my power to find the dog or dogs, and I am immediately contacting SCAR Foster Care Coordinator when I realize the animal is away. 4. When I receive the dog or dogs, I agree to accept it in its current condition, your health or your behavior. I understand that because of the nature of a shelter before remission or during their stay with SCAR, they may have been exposed to an illness and could therefore innourance something that is not yet visible. If I have any doubts about the health or behaviour of my adoptive dog, I will speak to my SCAR Foster Care coordinator immediately.

12. I understand that I will contact SCAR if my adoptive dog needs to consult a veterinarian to make an appointment. 11. I agree that I will make all appointments with SCAR-approved veterinary clinics for my adoptive dog either for a consultation or for surgery. I understand that if I don`t show or reschedule my appointment in advance, it can put financial pressure on SCAR and have an impact on the health and well-being of my watchdog/s 5. I agree to keep my dog/dog on a leash at all times outside my property. I will not let my adoptive dog/adopted dogs get off the leash in an off-piste dog park. 18. I understand that SCAR cannot be held responsible for the injuries and/or property damage caused by my nursing activity of my home, person, property, and the home or possession of my other person or person.

9. Forgetting that, before or during the care period, SCAR can check the property where the dog is to be housed to ensure the safety of the dog and that this inspection allows me to ask me to return the dog/dog.