What Is The Meaning Of Violation Of User Agreement

The organization today searches for a solution that can help to monitor and quantify the pace and efficiency in the business critical applications to own smoothly make certain best users experience. To save on the precious productivity some time and revenue, organizations are buying application management software by permitting services both on-premises and as-a-service delivery options. The solution offers you 360 degree look at business applications to help you resolve performance problem and discover root causes before they disrupt critical services.

The vital offerings in Application performance management (APM) are:

User Experience Management: Identify and resolve response time by managing performance SLA and measuring data on user interactions.

Synthetic User Record and Playback
Real User Performance Monitoring
Real User Session Capture and Replay
Business Analysis Data Mart

Application Server Monitoring and Diagnostics: Prevent issues before it disrupts critical services and violate service level agreement (SLA).

Application Server Monitoring
Component-Level Monitoring
Transaction Tracing
Web Server Monitoring
Message Queue Monitoring

Database Monitoring and Management: Provide consistent performance monitoring and management across varied database platforms, assisting you to reduce administrative costs and improve service levels.

Database Monitoring
Real-time Database Diagnostics
Database Workload Analysis
Database Tuning

SLA Monitoring and Dashboards: SLA monitoring solution feeds crucial application and service management information in the existing framework. SLA policies & reports are developed to improve service quality and minimize any disruption. These policies are set up by using data from performance, availability and change across through the IT environment.

Role-based Dashboards
Dependency Mapping
Service Definitions
Component Discovery
SLA / OLA Policies
3rd Party Integration

Virtual Server Management

Minimize hardware costs and identify/fix problems faster with deep visibility into VMware ESXi and Hyper-V performance management issues. The solution for virtual server monitoring and capacity management provides powerful virtual infrastructure monitoring, capacity planning, service management and charge back.

Infrastructure Monitoring

The infrastructure monitoring solution enables you to link each of the disparate elements of your IT environment jointly centralized platform by offering constant management & monitoring for all those diverse os’s that supports critical applications from every perspective.

Operating System Monitoring
Network Device Monitoring

Virtual Desktop Diagnostics and Monitoring

AVAP for Virtual Desktops brings powerful diagnostics and rich monitoring and diagnostics solutions for virtual desktop environments.

Virtual Server Monitoring
Virtual Machine Life-cycle Management

Custom Application Development, Support & Maintenance

A wide range of IT providers provide bespoke software development services depending on various technologies. To suit your specific requirements, such providers adopt various development methodologies like Scrum, Agile and Waterfall, which significantly lower your development costs minimizing risks.