We Might Need a New Boss

In fact the boss was sort of on shaky ground before. He does not own the place and in fact he became the boss by virtue of his ex wife in large part. Her family owned the place when he got the job and the truth is they have been less than happy with him from what I understand. At any rate he went to Las Vegas Nevada for some sort of convention or trade show and it seems that he ran up an incredible expense account in the process. A brunette escort seemed to be the big ticket item in the expense account. The accountants were beside themselves trying to figure out what he had blown all of that money on, but I was not very confused. A Las Vegas escort agency was the largest of the charges, and you would find that if they dug long enough. I did not see any other way that he could have spent that much money in eight days. Of course the chances are that he had spent some money on cocaine as well, although that might not have shown up on the credit card.

I knew the man a long time ago and this sort of thing used to happen. Back then he and his wife were usually in it together and that does not really count against you so long as the wife is the real boss. Now the boss is some corporation in Chicago and it is real hard to think that they are going to tolerate this sort of thing with their money. We are a profitable company, but if you replaced one boss with another the chance is that we shall be just as well off or even better than we are right now. You can replace him easily.